Securing the Digital Age: How One St. Louis Start-Up is Protecting the Internet from Malicious Threats

Securing the Digital Age:  How One St. Louis Start-Up is Protecting the Internet from Malicious Threats

By: Jared Dauman
Contributing writer, PluggedIN

Every day, the world becomes more interconnected.  From refrigerators and thermostats to televisions and smartphones, the number of devices connected to the Internet has grown exponentially in recent years.  While many see this as a central advantage of the digital age, hackers have also taken note of this increased connectivity.  At any given moment, experts estimate that there are more than 10 million identified threats on the web, seeking to find and exploit even the smallest vulnerability.  Although major industry players are racing to find solutions, the space is ripe for innovative approaches from creative, ambitious start-ups.

One of these young firms is Bandura Systems.  Based in St. Louis, the start-up offers a suite of cyber security products that can protect against as many as 100 million threats in real time.  As a B2B company, Bandura has successfully served firms in financial service, healthcare, education, and several other industries.  Further, the company has formed a series of strategic partnerships with other cyber security firms to provide customers with comprehensive solutions.

Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to learn about Bandura’s work with co-Founder and CEO Suzanne Magee.  During our conversation, Suzanne shared a host of insights into how she entered the cyber security field and why it is the perfect space for entrepreneurial ventures.  Some highlights from our discussion include:

  • How Suzanna founded Bandura by discovering a problem in cyber security solutions, developing a passion for the industry, and then building a business to meet unfulfilled needs
  • What is ransom ware and why it has become a growing concern for many businesses and industries
  • Striking the right balance in cyber security between competing interests like convenience versus security and innovation versus regulation
  • How we think about hackers, their ideologies, and where they come from
  • Why cyber security is ideal for entrepreneurship and how the industry offers deep pockets and significant market opportunity

To learn more about Bandura Systems, please visit them on their website.  Suzanne will also be presenting at the PluggedIN to Careers event next Tuesday, November 15th – a must attend for anyone interested in the topic of cyber security!  For more information about the event and to RSVP, click here.

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