How Andela is Helping Startups Scale Through Distributed Teams

"We live in world where talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. Andela's mission is to close that gap." - Mark Zuckerberg

A distributed team does not throw work over the "wall". It tears down the wall so that a person in any location can participate in any of the work that is required. It is organized as a single global team. 

According to Jeremy Johnson, one of Andela's co-founders, Africa has the largest pool of untapped brainpower in the world. Home to some of the fastest growing populations, there's an increasing number of young people joining the labor force. Located in Nigeria, Andela is bridging the opportunity gap between talented African engineers and companies, 
from Microsoft to early-stage startups. 

They accept the top 1% of applicants and match them to companies, like St. Louis-based startup,  Lumogram, a tech startup providing small-scope, high-impact design services — starting with animated logos that help boost business’ brand impression on digital marketing channels. Tyler Kessler, CEO at Lumogram recently wrote a Medium article on the company's experience working with Andela. 

Find out why Mark Zuckerberg and local-based startup, Lumogram have invested in Andela's world-class matchmaking service. Listen to our podcast interview with Andela executive, Kirk Newcombe as we dig into Andela's approach, how they shape engineers into world-class developers and how they match them to startup companies. We also talk about how to demystify the hiring process through better processes, new communication tools, distributed teams and the importance of working with trusted talent partners.

Episode 3: Andela, Kirk Newcombe, Andela Partnership Team

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