You Don't Hire to Create Growth, You Hire to Support Growth

Startup Talent Showcase//March 2016

"You don't hire to create growth, you hire to support growth." - Gabe Lozano, CEO at LockerDome and co-founder at GlobalHack

We offer an access point for job seekers to get plugged in to the startup community.

Why did we launch in St. Louis?
We started here. We learned here. We established the PluggedIN model here.
St. Louis is one of the fastest growing startup cities in the country. As natives to this city, we want to see the Lou become a breeding ground for innovation and entrepreneurial talent.

Thinking about joining a startup? 5 startup talent traits:

  • Thrive in ambiguity and roll with the punches. All startups are a work in progress.
  • Being comfortable with little structure and taking ownership of what needs to get done.
  • Make frequent mistakes in order to learn, iterate and innovate. Fail faster.
  • Get up close & personal to data - you can't manage something you don't measure.
  • Embrace the process of trying new ideas. Tap into your creative mind.


Episode 1, we chat with LockerDome founder & CEO and co-founder at GlobalHack, Gabe Lozano

"Aptitude and appetite trump experience." This is one of Gabe Lozano's hiring philosophies that have helped him build his team from 1 to 50 in the past couple of years in downtown St. Louis. Listen to our first episode with Gabe as we discuss successful hiring strategies, best practices and the upcoming $1 million dollar GlobalHack in St. Louis.

LockerDome is hiring! Check out their job listings and create a job seeker profile!

"St. Louis is establishing itself as an ideal testing ground for thought leadership in cybersecurity, fintech, digital healthcare, enterprise saas, biotech, agtech and civic-minded technology. With a strong ecosystem in place, aspiring entrepreneurs now have the perfect laboratory to test and launch their ideas."  Colleen Liebig, PluggedIN CEO & Founder
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