Company services

Every entrepreneur has different preferences when it comes to their approach for hiring. We have hands-on experience working with companies of various stages, every single step of the way. Check below for the services you’re interested in - a la carte!

Hiring Strategy & Consultation

Who do you need to hire and how do you prioritize those roles? We work with you one-on-one to build a plan and a hiring process.

Sourcing & Recruitment

We are specialized in selective sourcing and recruiting applicants that we funnel to your pipeline.


Want to know how much to pay, or whether to offer options/equity? Let us share our insights with you.

Job Descriptions

Tell us what you need in your own words and we’ll craft a description that will help you attract the right applicants.

Brand Engagement

How does your brand speak to potential employees? Let’s optimize it.

Startup Tours/Concierge Services

Need an extra boost in your recruitment process? We provide one-on-one, customized startup tours for prospective employees. This can provide leverage for you when interviewing out-of-town candidates.

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